What is White Glove Prep Service and Why do I need that service?

The White Glove Prep Service will have users and devices up and running the moment the Chromebox or Chromebase devices arrive.

Values of the service to customer:

  1. Users and devices can be up and running out-of-the-box.
  2. Save time and money by shipping devices directly to customer required final destination, eliminate the need to ship AOPEN Chrome devices to central IT office, unbox, configure, repackage, and then ship them to the final destination.
  3. Keep customer’s projects on schedule by virtually eliminating out-of-box failure, dead-on-arrival deliveries, and merchandise replacements.
  4. Free customer’s IT staff to focus on core IT objectives.

Below has service scope of the AOPEN White Glove Prep Service:

  • Unboxing each device
  • Device thoroughly inspected for physical damage or blemishes
  • Updating OS to the latest version for each device
  • Enrolling each device to the customer’s domain
  • Validating device policies (e.g. preset wifi networks)
  • Validating single App Kiosk mode (if the device is managed to run it)
  • Add asset ID in devices’ custom fields (if required by customer)
  • Population of a spreadsheet associating each device's serial number with the asset number assigned to it.
  • Preparing and deliver devices to final location per the required schedule

Please contact AOPEN for the service, it has minimum quantity of Chrome devices required.

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