What should I do if the panel doesn't light up but the power button is switched on? How do I confirm device is powered on?

1. Check if the screen settings are accurate (e.g. if TV Input matches to the correct source).

2. Check if the HDMI/DP/VGA and Power cables are firmly or properly connected on both ends of the screen and device.

3. Reboot the TV/Screen to see if signal gets re-established.

4. Reboot the device to see if TV/Screen will look for input signal, it is possible that the EDID is not retained by the device. Otherwise try a different TV/Screen to test with device to help isolate and identify if issue is related to display or device. 

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    Patrik Lindahl

    If this is a DE3250 with one memory module, verify that the module is in slot 1. This is how the DE3250 react on a single memory module in the wrong slot

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